James Sulak

I’m a technology executive based in Houston, Texas. I currently serve as President and General Manager of FlightAware. My hobbies include cycling, photography, reading history, and keeping up with my three small children. My preferred editor is Emacs, although I’ve been known to use VS Code.


I write at Box Kite Machine about technology leadership. Below is a selection of essays:


In the News


James Sulak joined FlightAware in 2012 and is FlightAware’s President and General Manager. In this role, he directs all of FlightAware’s global teams and drives corporate growth.

Before being named President and General Manager, James served for five years as FlightAware’s Vice President of Engineering. In that role, he led the rapid growth of FlightAware’s industry-leading software development, operations, and product design teams. His teams were responsible for designing and delivering innovative data and products, the reliability of FlightAware’s worldwide infrastructure, and the growth of the world’s largest terrestrial ADS-B ground station network. He defined many of the core organizational practices that continue to drive FlightAware’s business today.

Previously, he worked as a software engineer and architect focused on web technologies and user-focused product design. He has spoken at technology conferences and has contributed to open-source software.

James graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rice University. His hobbies include photography, cycling, reading history, and keeping up with his three children. He lives in Houston, Texas.